HEK293 (human embryonic kidney 293) cells and their derived cell lines are particularly attractive heterologous systems for developing recombinant proteins or producing adenoviruses. One key advantage is their ability to perform human-like posttranslational modifications of protein molecules, ensuring the desired biological activity of the final product. Furthermore, HEK293 cells exhibit a high transfection efficiency, leading to the production of high-quality recombinant proteins. Their ease of maintenance and efficient expression of membrane proteins, such as ion channels and transporters, make them an excellent choice for structural biology and electrophysiology studies. In line with our commitment to supporting advancements in bioengineering, we are pleased to offer our new HEK293|360-HCP ELISA, which is composed of a set of two generic kits.

Two HEK Kit Types

The HEK293|360-HCP ELISA kits are each based on different sets of anti-HCP antibodies, developed by using either the supernatant (SN) or the cell lysate (CL) derived from HEK293 mock fermentation as antigen fractions for antibody generation, respectively.



Cell Line









Cell lysate


HEK293|360-HCP ELISA Performance

The HEK293 HCP ELISA method was qualified at BioGenes according to the respective ICH-Guideline ICH Q2(R1) (“Validation of analytical procedures: text and methodology“).

High specificity of the antibody preparations (SN & CL) was demonstrated by coverages of 74% for HEK293 SN antigen and 85% for HEK293 CL antigen distribution by IAC + 2D DIGE analysis. For both kits, the recovery rates are estimated in spiked samples with concentrations within the assay working range, and a criterion 100±30% of spiked antigen recovered.


The high sensitivity of the HEK293|HCP ELISA kits, described by the validation parameter LOD and working range, is shown below:

  • Limit of Detection (LOD): ≤ 1.0 ng/mL
  • Working range: ~3 – 100 ng/mL

Qualification Report for BioGenes' HEK293 HCP ELISA

Your HEK293 Qualification Report from BioGenes

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