BlueCap Solutions LX-Buffer

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BlueCap Solutions LX-Buffer lowers cross reactivities, unspecific binding and matrix effects in immunoassays like ELISA, EIA, Western blotting, immuno-PCR, protein arrays, multianalyte immunoassays and immunohistochemistry – depending on the characteristics of the assay type and the used antibodies.

Immediately before use the buffer should be mixed thoroughly. LX-Buffer is used instead of a sample buffer or antibody dilution buffer for the immunological reaction.

LX-Buffer is unsuitable for blocking of surfaces!
For blocking of surfaces we recommend our Blocking Solution. 
LX-Buffer is not recommended to use as sample buffer for electrophoresis.

pH 7.2 ± 0.2
Contains <0.0014% (w/w) reaction mass of CMIT7MIT (3:1)

shelf life at -20°C: 1 year – repeated freezing and thawing cycles possible
shelf life at 2 to 8°C: 6 months

For in vitro research use only!



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