BioGenes Is Your Partner for Routine and Sophisticated Projects
BioGenes Is Your Partner for Routine and Sophisticated Projects

!NEW PRODUCT! E.coli|360-HCP ELISA – Type E is now available!!

We are happy to announce that BioGenes has developed a new kit in the E.coli|360-HCP ELISA series, the E.coli|360-HCP ELISA-Type E. The new kit type is based on HCP antigens made from W3110 (E.coli) cells, cultured in Mineral Medium, which were then used for immunization of rabbits. Together with the other E.coli|360-HCP ELISA kits (Type A & Type C & Type D), Type E builds up the enhanced E.coli|360-HCP ELISA – a four kit approach with unique anti-HCP antibody preparations in each kit type for increased HCP assay specificity and sensitivity.

The new kit Type E is now available.

In order to ensure an optimal level of HCP detection in custom samples derived from different manufacturing processes, BioGenes would always recommend trying all four kit types in the first place and using the best performing kit for all subsequent tests.

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Discuss your data generated with the E.coli|360-HCP ELISA kits with us and receive a one-time 1000 € credit note on your next order

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