BioGenes Is Your Partner for Routine and Sophisticated Projects
BioGenes Is Your Partner for Routine and Sophisticated Projects

In relation to the current coronavirus outbreak, please note the statement of the BioGenes' management

Business Continuity Plan, COVID-19 

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At BioGenes, we care about mutual partnership and the quality of the services we offer to our valuable clients. Therefore, we feel that it is important to inform our business partners about the measures we are implementing internally due to the global COVID-19 outbreak. 

Precautionary measures

Through our Business Continuity Planning (BCP), we have established important measures to ensure that we continue to provide the best service to our clients while keeping our staff safe.


1. Does your current BCP address how you would approach a contagious virus?

The measures set up at BioGenes minimize the risks associated with the presence of COVID-19 on the company premises, as well as in regard to employee exposure.


2. Do you have appropriate measures available at your site to minimize the spread of a contagious virus?

The company has increased the frequency of sanitation of company premises and implemented additional special measures, such as the daily disinfection of door handles. In addition, sanitizers have been placed at the entrances to the building.


3. Do you have a staffing resource plan in place for your facility, should it be impacted by the virus? (e.g. who could work from home, what are the minimum safe staff numbers/roles?)

The company has successfully trained most of its employees to work from home (if possible), and have recently tested our IT system’s robustness. There is a defined minimum safe staff level for keeping the laboratory running.


4. Do you have restriction directives for your personnel regarding business travel? If so, to which countries?

Company employees have been ordered to cancel all foreign business trips and advised not to travel abroad privately. In the case of a private trip abroad, employees are obliged to inform their superiors, who have been authorized to decide whether the employee will work from home.


5. Do you have restriction directives for visitors from affected countries to your site?

Anyone planning to visit the company is contacted by phone or e-mail, and is advised to postpone their visit.


6. Instructions on hand washing/coughing

The whole company personnel have been instructed on proper hand hygiene and how to avoid spreading the virus through coughing.


Our management team is carefully observing the latest available information, guidance and advice released by the government and the Department of Health.


BioGenes is not currently impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. All our work can be performed without delay, but any future influence on work and deliveries (due to government decisions or travel restrictions) cannot be predicted. We understand the concerns of our valued customers, and will continue to communicate and keep them updated.


At the moment, we are continuing to operate as usual and, to date, there have been no cases of COVID-19 in our team at BioGenes.