BioGenes Is Your Partner for Routine and Sophisticated Projects
BioGenes Is Your Partner for Routine and Sophisticated Projects

BioGenes at the Bioprocessing Summit, Aug 16-19, 2021

We are delighted to announce BioGenes' participation in this year's Bioprocessing Summit. The event will take place August 16-19 in Boston and offers a broad variety of topics from production & downstream processing of biopharmaceuticals to manufacturing & applications of cell and gene therapeutics to recent improvements in the analysis of product-related impurities. The BioGenes team is excited to share their knowledge and to learn more about the latest trends in these fields.

BioGenes is an expert in HCP ELISA development with a twenty-year proven track record. Our services include

  • In-house development of HCP antibodies
  • Characterization of antibodies (incl. 2D Western blot for HCP coverage determination, immunoaffinity chromatography and DIGE analysis)
  • Development of HCP ELISAs in buffer solution and working matrices
  • Qualification/pre-validation of HCP assays

Our conference delegates, Dr. Nicole Gliese, Head of Project Management, and Dr. Yvonne Haberkorn, Head of Business Development, look forward to discussing your individual project needs in these areas of application.

Please note: Due to current health and safety measures, BioGenes will only offer virtual meetings for this event.

For setting up appointments and to receiving more information on the Bioprocessing Summit, please contact us at service(at) If you have not registered yet please use the code BPDP20 for a 20% discount.