BioGenes Is Your Partner for Routine and Sophisticated Projects
BioGenes Is Your Partner for Routine and Sophisticated Projects

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The production of mock HCP material which is suitable as antigen for immunization is the first and most crucial step for specific HCP ELISA…

Webinar: Strategy for HCP monitoring

In this webinar, Charlotte Coenders, Business Development Manager at BioGenes, will showcase BioGenes' approach to HCP monitoring and how our customers succeed…

Phases of process specific ELISAs

Answer: Generic kits are broadly used for the measurement of HCPs in biologicals during the downstream process. However, for the later stages, process-specific…


Fall has arrived, and with it several exciting events around the globe for the HCP and antibody community. BioGenes is looking forward to meeting you at some of…

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Process of selecting the best fitting generic HCP ELISA kit

Answer: We recommend working with generic ELISA kits during early drug development phases. The proteins of host cells are specific for a given process and can…


This summer, BioGenes is turning 30 and our celebrations would not be complete without you!

Thank you for being a part of our journey and for making BioGenes…


From August 15-18, this year's Bioprocessing Summit will take place in Bosten, MA. BioGenes is looking forward to participating!

Our booth number will be 508…


The BioGenes team would like to thank the organizers and everybody who visited us or joined us in the partnering meetings at the BIO Concention 2022! No matter…

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The 10th BEBPA HCP Conference will take place virtually this year and we are delighted to participate, as in previous years.

Don't miss the talk of Dr. Jan…