Sophisticated Generic HCP ELISA Kits and BlueCap Buffers
Sophisticated Generic HCP ELISA Kits and BlueCap Buffers

Performance Study

With 360-HCP ELISAs you have the possibility to identify the most suitable kit type (A, B, C or D) for a specific process. The Starter Set provides all the necessary components, so that you can quickly and easily choose the most appropriate kit type.

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Or ask for BioGenes' Performance Study, where our scientists evaluate all four kit types for you and eventually recommend the optimal ELISA kit type as a service.

Performance study – part 1

Characterization of HCP containing samples using 360-HCP ELISA kits (types A to D) based on three in-process controls (IPCs) from different purification steps provided by the customer:

  • Preparation of 1D Western blots and immunostaining with antibodies from 360-HCP ELISA kits (optional: we can include also HCP ELISA kits from other manufacturers)

  • Determination of  ELISA accuracy using a spike-and-recovery protocol (if available with mock material)

  • BioGenes recommends the most suitable ELISA kit type (including a short report) 

Performance study – part 2

This part is based on the results from part 1 of the performance study. To confirm the suitability of the selected anti-HCP antibody from part 1, BioGenes offers the 2D analysis of a process sample:

  • 2D separation of the sample (fluorescence-based)

  • Immunoblot using the selected anti-HCP antibody 
    (HCP coverage determination)

  • Detailed report including estimation of HCP coverage