Sophisticated Generic HCP ELISA Kits and BlueCap Buffers
Sophisticated Generic HCP ELISA Kits and BlueCap Buffers

E.coli|360-HCP ELISA

The E.coli|360-HCP ELISA is designed to cover a broader spectrum of E.coli host cell proteins (HCPs) than traditional generic HCP assays. The enhanced generic E.coli|360-HCP ELISA provides four kit types, each using a different antigen preparation so you can try several antibodies to find the one that works best for your samples.

E.coli|360-HCP ELISA is based on W3110 and BL21 (DE3) cell lines which were fermented in different culture media and conditions resulting in several antigen preparations with distinct HCP patterns. By immunizing goats with these antigens, BioGenes has developed a panel of four different HCP ELISAs (A to D) that together build up the enhanced generic E.coli|360-HCP ELISA.

Mineral Medium LB Medium
Type A: BL21 (DE3) Type D: BL21 (DE3)
Type B: W3110 - currently not available Type C: W3110

Sensitivity of the four E.coli|360-HCP kits

  • LOD between 0.2 – 0.5 ng/mL
  • LOQ between 0.6 – 1.6 ng/mL
  • Working range between 2 – 100 ng/mL

Superior HCP recovery

E.coli|360-HCP assay was widely tested on the basis of a great number of mock E.coli HCP samples. In case of sample 1 a recovery of 80% was estimated using assay type B. For sample 2 and 3 the best recovery rate was determined using kit type A. For sample 5 a sufficient recovery was only determined using kit type D, recovery rates determined with the other three kit types were below 30%. The competitor kit showed recoveries below 30% for all samples.

Product overview

Performance Study

2D Western Blot

Are the HCP antibodies fit for purpose?

BioGenes offers the 2D analysis to estimate HCP coverage.


Consistent Quality

High quality and long-term availability needed?

BioGenes offers supply agreements for long-term delivery of ELISA kits.