Sophisticated Generic HCP ELISA Kits and BlueCap Buffers
Sophisticated Generic HCP ELISA Kits and BlueCap Buffers

Enhanced Generic Host Cell Protein ELISAs Kits

The 360-HCP ELISA approach

The enhanced generic 360-HCP approach produces host cell protein (HCP) assays that are demonstrably superior to traditional generic HCP assays minimizing well-known limitations including the possibility that anti-HCP antibodies might not comprehensively detect HCPs present in an end-user's sample.

How it works

While traditional generic HCP assays provide just a single antibody that must work for all processes, the enhanced generic 360-HCP ELISA provides four kits, each using a different set of anti-HCP antibodies. 

Identify the best performing kit for your process with the starter set. The selected kit type is then used for all subsequent tests.



This unique approach increases the assay specificity and sensitivity and allows sponsors and biotech companies to postpone the development of a cost-intensive specific HCP assay until a more informed decision on the success of a biologic in development can be made.

Want us to recommend you the best performing kit?

BioGenes characterizes your HCP-containing process samples as part of a Performance Study​​​​​​​.

Features and advantages of the 360-HCP ELISA

  • Undiluted standard provided for higher product stability and flexibility for the customer
  • Uses Streptavidin-POD conjugate for detection of biotin labeled antibodies for reproducible results
  • Sensitivity of 360-HCP ELISAs (A to D):
CHO|360-HCP kits E.coli|360-HCP kits
LOD* 0.5 – 1.0 ng/mL LOD 0.2 – 0.5 ng/mL
LOQ** 2 – 3 ng/mL LOQ 0.6 – 1.6 ng/mL
Working range 2 – 100 ng/mL Working range 2 – 100 ng/mL

LOD* = Lower Limit of Detection;   LOQ** = Lower Limit of Quatification

  • Two-step protocol reduces unspecific bindings
  • Automated plate washing possible
  • Agitation during incubation is recommended

Performance Study

2D Western Blot

Are the HCP antibodies fit for purpose?

BioGenes offers the 2D analysis to estimate HCP coverage.


Consistent Quality

High quality and long-term availability needed?

BioGenes offers supply agreements for long-term delivery of ELISA kits.