Please note: Changeover from Triton™ X-100 to TWEEN®20
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Ready-to-Use Generic 360-HCP ELISAs and BlueCap Buffers

BioGenes offers a wide variety of sophisticated products for host cell protein (HCP) determination. Compared to standard HCP assays, our enhanced generic 360-HCP approach:

  • Is designed to cover a wider HCP spectrum

  • Allows cost-effective testing of biologics in developmental phases

  • Can be used until a more informed prediction is possible which determines the use of a product-specific HCP in late stages of development

  • Is applicable for testing prior to lot release

  • Provides sufficient stock amounts of antibodies and kit reagents to ensure functionality of all kit components throughout the entire product life cycle

  • Prolonged delivery of ELISA kit components can be offered upon request 

BioGenes BlueCap buffers are designed to increase test results and help to meet high level of acceptance criteria. Furthermore, they are characterized by:

  • Suitability for a multitude of applications such as ELISA, Western blotting, protein array, immuno-PCR and immunohistochemistry

  • Applicability to decrease matrix and further interference effects

  • Availability as convenient ready-to-use solution or in 10x concentrated stock

  • Suitability for employment in GLP-regulated environments and for diagnostic kit production, respectively

  • Controlled manufacturing according to current DIN EN ISO 9001 standards, which includes in-process controls, batch testing and complete component traceability

  • A high conformity due to high-level lot-to-lot quality