Experts in Host Cell Protein Analytics
Experts in Host Cell Protein Analytics

IAC / 2D DIGE for HCP Coverage Determination

Do you want to know whether your anti-HCP antibodies are fit-for-purpose? BioGenes has implemented the IAC / 2D DIGE method as a powerful orthogonal method for coverage determination!

The traditional 2D Western blot method has been a widely accepted method for HCP coverage determination in the past decades. However, regulatory agencies highly recommend the use of such orthogonal methods for comprehensive reagent characterization. Employing Immunoaffinity Chromatography (IAC) with subsequent 2D DIGE analysis, BioGenes offers a reliable method for coverage determination. In here, IAC serves as a superior method enabling HCP binding to an immobilized mixture of polyclonal anti-HCP antibodies. This enables antibody-antigen interaction at non-denaturing conditions, thereby overcoming the methodological limitation of the denaturing 2D Western blot coverage assessment. Following the chromatographic step, 2D DIGE is used to visualize and analyze the HCP spectrum of the elution fraction by direct comparison to the input sample of interest prior to IAC for HCP coverage determination (see also the Figure below for a schematic overview).

Small-Scale IAC

A major limitation with the IAC method is the consumption of high amounts of antibody and antigen material to achieve a robust coverage analysis. To overcome this obstacle, we developed the Small-Scale IAC reducing the antibody and antigen requirement by 80%. Comparative studies between Standard and Small-Scale IAC with E. coli and CHO HCP and the specific polyclonal antibodies, demonstrated that with only 1/5th of the required material comparable results are achieved.

Exemplary 2D DIGE Coverage Analysis

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