Specialist for Sophisticated Antibody Development
Specialist for Sophisticated Antibody Development

Polyclonal Anti-Idiotypic Antibodies (polyclonal Anti-IDs)

BioGenes offers the development of anti-idiotypic polyclonal antibodies (specific anti-drug-antibodies) in rabbits and goats. 
Depending on the required quantity of purified polyclonal anti-IDs, the species, the number of animals as well as the immunization schedule will be selected
(from a 28-day protocol with one bleed up to a 105-day protocol with four bleeds). 
The animals will be kept after finishing of the agreed immunization schedule and as long as it is needed.

The customizable services include:

  • SDS-PAGE of the antigen for quality control

  • Testing of pre-immune sera for selection of suitable animals

  • Immunization according to the agreed number of animals and immunization schedule

  • Quality control of antisera and purified antibodies using ELISA 

  • Isolation of specific IgGs with subsequent anti-human-IgG antibody depletion by affinity purification