Specialist for Sophisticated Antibody Development
Specialist for Sophisticated Antibody Development

Monoclonal Anti-Idiotypic Antibodies (monoclonal Anti-IDs)

BioGenes offers the development of anti-idiotypic monoclonal antibodies (specific anti-drug-antibodies) according to the optimized hybridoma technology in mice.
Our specialists have successfully developed monoclonal anti-IDs against human, humanized and chimeric therapeutic antibodies that are used for the quantification of antibody drugs in patient serum. The customer decides whether the whole antibody, the Fab fragment or the F(ab)2 fragment shall be used as antigen. 

Monoclonal anti-IDs are routinely used as capture and detecting reagents in pharmacokinetic (PK) assays for the quantification of antibody drugs in patient serum.


The customizable services include:

  • Fab and F(ab)2-fragmentation

  • SDS-PAGE for quality control of the antigen

  • Immunization of mice, quality control of antisera, cell fusion and selection (optimized hybridoma technology)

  • Hybridoma cloning and screening to get stable, positive clones: first against the whole antigen later against human IgG for negative selection

  • Competitive ELISA on the antigen to identify whether the monoclonal anti-ID clones are directed towards the binding site (inhibiting antibodies) 

  • Additional screening(s) on cross-reactant(s) to identify clones producing antibodies binding to the cross-reactant for positive or negative selection

  • Identification of positive clones producing desired anti-ID's

  • Determination of antibody isotope using heavy and light chain characteristics

  • Mycoplasma testing of cell culture supernatant from production clones and cryo cultures