Specialist for Sophisticated Antibody Development
Specialist for Sophisticated Antibody Development

Custom Synthesis of Standard and Challenging Modified Peptides

BioGenes’ range of services includes epitope prediction and peptide design as well as custom synthesis of standard and challenging modified peptides.
The synthesis service will be performed with Biosyntan GmbH, our long-term partner with excellent expertise in synthesis of linear and cyclic peptides.

Our service includes:

Peptide design

  • Starting with a protein sequence, we support you in choosing the suitable peptide for producing antibodies

Automated, multiple solid-phase peptide synthesis

  • Chain length up to 100 residues in a scale of 1 to 500 mg,

  • Purification by preparative HPLC (standard purity: 80% or 95%)

  • Analysis of all products by HPLC and mass spectrometry

Synthesis and modification of peptides

  • Modified peptides, e. g. phosphorylation, glycosylation

  • Fluorescently labeled peptides, e.g. Rhodamine 110 (Rh110) protease substrates

  • Histone and cell-penetrating peptides

  • N-and C-terminal derivatisation, biotinylation

  • Peptide thioesters for chemical ligation

  • Conjugation of peptides to proteins

Fluorescence labeling

  • Single isomer DYOMICS label (spectral range 400 – 800 nm)

  • FRET-systems

  • Protease substrates (caspases, beta-secretase, and others): ​​​​​

    • with AMC or AFC, or with Rh110

    • symmetric: (peptide)2-Rh110 or

    • asymmetric: peptide-Rh110-X (X = D-Pro or gamma-Glu)

  • NEW: Fluorescently labeled ubiquitin derivatives (purity: 95% (HPLC), chemically synthesised), e.g. Ubiquitin(1-76)-Rh110-D-Pro or Ubiquitin(1-76)-AMC