Specialist for Sophisticated Antibody Development
Specialist for Sophisticated Antibody Development

Production of Monoclonal Antibodies

BioGenes offers the production of monoclonal antibodies in various scales at quantities ranging from research (mg) to commercial (g) scale per batch. The production is carried out with hybridoma cells specifically developed by BioGenes or with cells provided by the customer. In the latter case please send us two cryo vials of the same batch together with all information about growth medium and conditions as well as a mycoplasma certificate. 

Test production

We recommend a test production if there is insufficient information about the clone of interest or if you need a larger amount of 50 mg or more. The test production is performed on 350 ml cell culture supernatant and includes affinity purification. 

Antibody purification

Antibody production from established hybridoma cell lines can diminish over time due to a decrease in the number of cells that secrete antibody. In many cases, antibody production can be rescued by re-cloning the hybridoma cell line. Hybridoma re-cloning and development can be ordered separately, if necessary.

Large-scale antibody production

The price for large-scale antibody production will be calculated based on the production rate of the test production.

Further services

  • Search for a matched pair - the antibodies will be biotinylated and tested in an ELISA to identify suitable capture and detector antibodies

  • Characterization of antibodies including:

    • Reactivity testing on cross reactants

    • Affinity constant determination using ELISA

    • Ig subclass identification

  • Long term storage of clones in liquid nitrogen including:

    • routine maintenance once per two years (or other frequency as requested by customer)

    • thawing and re-cultivation

    • additional cloning

    • screening for high productivity and preparation of new vials for cryo conservation