BioGenes is pleased to invite you to visit our V-Booth at BEBPA 2021
BioGenes is pleased to invite you to visit our V-Booth at BEBPA 2021

Welcome to our Virtual Booth at BEBPA Host Cell Protein (HCP) Conference 2021

Serving again as a sponsor during this event, BioGenes invites you to visit our virtual booth and get in touch with our Head of Assay Development and Expert for Host Cell Protein (HCP) Analysis, Stefan Sommerschuh, and our Head of Project Management, Dr. Nicole Gliese.

BioGenes has a 20+ year proven track record in the development of highly sensitive HCP ELISAs, resulting in the accomplishment of 200+ succesfully completed HCP ELISA projects. We would be happy to discuss your projects and questions concerning HCP analysis. 

Reserve a virtual meeting slot with our delegates by direct email (see "Meet the Experts").

Meet the Experts

Dr. Nicole Gliese (Head of Project Management) & Stefan Sommerschuh (Head of Assay Development) are our delegates for the BEBPA Conference 2021.

Case Study - Comparison of Orthogonal Methods of Reliable HCP Coverage Determination

BioGenes' Head of 2D Analytics, Dr. Pia Paarmann, summarized her latest findings about reliable HCP detection at the BEBPA 2020 Conference

In the presentation “Case Study – Comparison of Orthogonal Methods for Reliable HCP Coverage Determination“, Dr. Pia Paarmann compared the detection of HCPs with the different orthogonal methods 2D fluorescence Western Blotting and Immunoaffinity-Chromatography (IAC) combined with 2D DIGE or Mass Spectrometry (MS).

Did you miss the presentation? No problem! The presentation slides are available on request.
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BioGenes is Your HCP Specialist for:

ELISA Development

  • HCP Assays
  • Custom ELISAs
  • Production of Ready-to-Use Kits

Analytical Services

  • 2D Western Blot & Coverage Determination
  • Immunoaffinity Chromatography
  • 2D DIGE
  • Protein Identification by MS

Generic HCP ELISA Kits

  • E.coli|360-HCP ELISA

Who We Are

Since 1992, BioGenes has provided immunological and protein biochemical services worldwide. We have built up a strong expertise and have great reputation in the fields of custom immunoassay and antibody development. Our strong commitment to quality and service as well as proactive project management, have made BioGenes a reliable partner. BioGenes provides industrial and academic customers with a whole range of analytical services, from feasibility assessments to complete immunoassay development, manufacturing, and implementation.

BioGenes offers the complete development of HCP assays, including the manufacturing of antibodies, the ELISA development, the qualification of the ELISA set-up, the pre-validation, and the production of ELISA kits in a ready-to-use format.

We are experts in various analytical services, such as 2D gel electrophoresis, 2D DIGE, 2D Western Blotting, HCP coverage analysis, and protein identification by MS.

BioGenes develops and offers different types of proprietary generic HCP ELISA Kits for detection of host cell proteins from CHO and E.coli cell lines.

To find out more about our HCP-expertise, have a look at our additional information material and watch our latest webinar (see below).