Experts in Host Cell Protein Analytics
Experts in Host Cell Protein Analytics

Complementary Analyses by Mass Spectrometry

BioGenes offers complementary MS services upon request to identify difficult-to-remove HCPs in customers' DSP samples and to robustly evaluate reagents for HCP ELISAs by orthogonal methods. These services are provided in collaboration with our partners Alphalyse and FyoniBio.

HCP Reagent Characterization & Risk Assessment

ELISA reagent characterization is vital to determine an assay’s suitability for HCP detection and quantification. As recommended in current guidelines, coverage determination should be performed by using several orthogonal methods. The combination of IAC-2D DIGE and IAC-MS for HCP ELISA reagent characterization provides a solid HCP surveillance strategy including quantification and identification of relevant HCPs. The MS analysis and identification of potentially high-risk proteins is performed by Alphalyse, an expert in HCP analysis by SWATH® mass spectrometry.

Targeted Protein Identification

For the analysis of specific, difficult to remove HCPs, we recommend an in-depth LC-MS/MS of gel spots. Following one-/two-dimensional protein separation, protein bands/ spots will be visualized using Coomassie or a fluorescence color staining with increased sensitivity. For target protein identification, protein extraction from spots of interest is performed, followed by a tryptic digest and subsequent MS analysis. This service will be provided in collaboration with our experienced mass spectrometry partner FyoniBio.