Experts in 2D Analysis for Antibody Characterization
Experts in 2D Analysis for Antibody Characterization

Analytical Services

Our scientists possess an unrivaled expertise in immunoassay development for biotech, pharma, medical device and clinical diagnostics applications, including biomarker assays, which have become an important tool in supporting drug development. 

Besides the development, validation and production of all kinds of custom ELISAs BioGenes supports customers with a whole range of analytical services including:

  • Sample determination of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and impurities in matrices

  • Sample determination of in-process controls (IPC)

  • Stability and performance testing according to our customer’s requirements

  • Documentation according to regulatory guidelines

  • Antigen and antibody characterization

List of methods 

  • 2D Electrophoresis (lysine-dependent fluorescent minimal labeling, fluorescent total protein staining, Coomassie or silver staining)

  • 2D Western Blot for determination of HCP coverage (fluorescence based)

  • 2D Difference Gel Electrophoresis (2D-DIGE) for comparative analysis of spot patterns

  • Protein determination (Bradford, BCA, Pierce, UV)