30 Years of Excellence in Antibody and ELISA Development
30 Years of Excellence in Antibody and ELISA Development

How to Apply for a Job at BioGenes

Found a challenging and interesting job role you want to apply for? Great! Please read the following recommendations before sending your application to us.


Your application should contain a cover letter, your CV, your 3 most recent reference letters and the most important certificates. Please make sure all of this is combined in one PDF file not bigger than 5 MB, and send it to us by e-mail.

Keep it specific.

Your cover letter and your CV should fit to the role you are applying for. Show us why you fit best for the job you want. 

We know you have many talents, but please keep it short:

Your cover letter should not be longer than one page, the CV not longer than three.

Tease us with your cover letter:

Please do not just sum up your CV. Let us know what you are specifically interested in and which unique talents you could bring to this position.

Application in German:

Yes, sometimes German can be a weird language, but since this is our common language, here at BioGenes we need both good English and fluent German. So please send us your application in German only.

Got any questions regarding the opening? Great!